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Château de Bourneau

    Erin and Jean-Baptiste
    Set in a 16-hectare park and woodlands, the building is so large it even boasts its own moat. And the land includes four large holiday cottages that had been converted from historical out houses and stables in 2009.

    Chateau De Brives - Exterior 2

    Château de Brives

      George and Sarah
      In 1823 the architect who designed the Château de Brives incorporated many interesting items from his travels around the world into the building. Chic and beautifully furnished with French decorative antiques, it sleeps 16 guests.

      Chateau Caillac - Exterior

      Château Caillac

        Angela and Steve
        This stunning 19th century château in the heart of south west France dates back to the 19th century. It’s set in extensive private grounds with heated swimming pool.

        Chateau De Dohem - Exterior

        Château de Dohem

          Wendy and Marcus
          This 19th century château is in the heart of the Natural Regional Park the Caps et Marie d’Opale was built in 1875 by Andre Joseph Courtat to celebrate the birthplace of his wife. It hosts weddings and vow renewals too, and its gardens include a wedding chapel as well as a courtyard bar and barn.

          Chateau Joli Bois - Exterior 1

          Château de Joli Bois

            Vanessa and Ben
            Set in the beautiful Creuse countryside, the Château de Joli Bois includes three large out-buildings and 7 hectares of land. The owners describe it as a retreat from the intensity of life.

            Chateau De La Fare - exterior 1

            Château de La Fare

              Janet and Philip
              The Château de la Fare is a stunning historical building in South France. Previously it’s been home to a Knights Templar, as well as a musketeer believed to be one of Alexandre Dumas’s Three Musketeers.

              Château de La Ruche

                Rebecca and Tim
                A magical 18th century petit château split into two roughly identical wings and set in 15 acres of secluded, private parkland and woodland that includes a watermill.

                Château de La Vigne

                  May and Guy
                  Offering retreats and self-catering holidays, this magnificent château in the Loire Valley boasts 20-acre grounds and includes a coach house and a farm cottage.

                  Chateau De Lomenie - Exterior 1

                  Château de Lomenie

                    Ashley and Johnny
                    This château is in a small village in Montpouillan, south west France even includes an art gallery as well as a café come brocante, where absolutely everything is for sale, even your plate and the chair you’re sitting on.

                    Château de Montvason

                      Paul and Emma
                      The château has seen a complete renovation, of its 30 rooms and 10 acres. Originally completed in 1878.