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Weddings & Events

If you have ever dreamt of having your own wedding events in a French Chateau but thought it was just that, a thing of dreams, then think again!

Some of our Chateau DIY owners specialise in local and international ‘Bespoke’ weddings. Specifically designed for busy people all around the world that dream of having their wedding in an idyllic French setting. 

Many of the Chateau DIY owners have an experienced team and offer their planning skills, assistance and creativity. As well as their knowledge of local suppliers to make your big day run seamlessly. They also have the space to accommodate those you wish to share in your special day.

The Chateau DIY family know all about attention to detail and are always happy to roll up their sleeves to make dreams happen. Why not speak to the owners yourself to find out more?

Explore the fantastic wedding venues our Chatelains have to offer