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Château du Bailleul

Philip & Angelina

Château du Bailleul, Having grown up in Cornwall Philip eventually moved to London, working in property, where he met Angelina and they got engaged. After deciding London was no more, they started looking for somewhere to live while trying to find a wedding venue.

Having found the perfect chateau, it was here they decided to tie the knot.

Château du Bailleul

Why this particular chateau?

The moat was the main decision for Philip and Angelina. Upon finding their dream chateau and the beautiful architecture that it portrayed, the couple couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Planning a trip to France?


Prior to chateau life…

Both working in the property industry in London, they decided it was time to slow down and live a quieter life. That’s not to say renovating a chateau is quieter, but living in rural France is a vast contrast to London life.

During the pandemic…

Prior to the pandemic, they held live music events as the Chateau’s main income stream. When they worked out what the Chateau had to earn to survive each year over a normal household, it was similar to two/three large music events so when they were forced to stop due to the pandemic this obviously caused some concern. Instead of twiddling their thumbs through the pandemic they started a YouTube profile where they were able to connect with their audience and share their experiences of Chateau Life.

What spare time!

It doesn’t exist. They recently bought an English bar in a local town called the Red Lion, where they plan to turn it into a music bar. That alongside renovating their chateau, the couple certainly have their hands tied.

Family and friends

They thought they were crazy! Even now they’re asked when they’ll be moving back to the UK. They were questioned if they were having a midlife crisis. It wasn’t all worries though, they still had a lot of support.

Were there any hurdles?

The language barrier was certainly difficult. The French like to have everything in triplicates, so there was a lot of paperwork. The hurdles were worth the hassle!

Are you ever homesick?

Their answer?“Not really!” They sometimes miss London and whenever they travel back to the UK, they always miss France and can’t wait to get back.

Vision for the future

The couple want to make the chateau look as beautiful as possible for everyone to enjoy. Grand and pretty are what they’re aiming for.

Advice for anyone thinking of buying a chateau

Think long and hard before buying! If you like hard work, go for it! Run at it with open arms.

Fan appreciation

The couple were featured in the first series so they are excited to let people see what they’ve been up to. Through YouTube they have a few global fans who can’t wait to see what they’ve been filming for the show.

Interesting features of the chateau

Mostly the moat. The chateau is surrounded by nature, so very serene. It’s all pretty magical within the setting it’s in.

Sources of inspiration?

The Palace of Versailles is their main source of inspiration! The chateau is symmetrical and isn’t typically fairytale-esque. It’s a working progress that Philip and Angelina can’t wait to continue working on.

Any DIY tips?

Always plan ahead and don’t expect anything to happen last minute.

What were your biggest challenges?

Philip was electrocuted! He says, “always make sure the electrics are turned off.” Time! Everything will take longer than expected.

What was your most or least successful restoration?

The morning salon is almost finished, which is a space they both love. Originally there was a boat house for the swans which they had to remove to completely rebuild which came with some complications. The roof of the Chateau is brand new but it still leaks. As ever there will always be areas that are most or least successful but it’s rewarding for the couple nonetheless.

Main business

Live music events.

Who will be your customers?

“Anyone and everyone!” They don’t want to limit their demographic. It’s an all-inclusive space for everyone to enjoy with lots to do.

How has the show changed your life?

Even though they play a minor part it’s changed their lives massively and always find it funny when they are recognised locally.

Excited to be on the show

Getting to share with others is something they both love with the aim of inspiring others, even if it’s on a smaller scale.

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