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chateau rosieres

Château de Rosieres

    Amy and Marc and baby Clement
    This medieval château is located in the forests and mountains of northern Ardeche has its first written records from the 12th Century. Once it served as a base for lords in this region and had garrisons of knights attached to it. But since then it’s been a working farm for over a thousand years.

    Chateau De Sauge - Exterior 6

    Château de Sauge

      Paul and Donna
      Built in 1607 the Château de Saugé by the Rion family this property boasts domed ceilings and grounds that include much older vaulted caves.

      Château de Seguenville

        Becky and Mark
        The original château was built in 1647 and extended in the 1800s in southwest France, about an hour’s drive from Toulouse.

        Château de Thuries

          Jayne and Steve
          The Château de Thuries in March 2018, is a boutique Chambres d’Hotes and events venue.
          Located under an hour from both Toulouse and Carcassonne it’s the perfect place to unwind.

          Chateau Des Lys - Exterior 2

          Château des Lys

            Margreeth and Tim
            The Château de Lys, or the “Castle of Lillies” is set in the Somme valley. The main house was originally built as a hunting retreat, and the château has grown over time with new each owner. It’s still being added to today.

            Chateau du Doux - exterior_2

            Château du Doux

              Abbie, Karen Clive and Ross
              Overlooking the medieval town of Beaulieu-Sur-Dordogne, Château du Doux, was designed by one of the world’s leading 20th Century architects, Jean-Louis Pascal, who also designed the famous Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris.

              Chateau Du Puits es Pratx - Exterior 1

              Château du Puits es Pratx

                Sasha and Tim
                A beautiful and tranquil boutique hotel with Spa, close to the Canal du Midi in sunny Cathar country. The Château du Puits es Pratx consists of the château itself, various outbuildings where vineyard workers used to live, and as a focal point, a stunning courtyard.

                Chateau Gioux - Limousin Outside

                Château Gioux

                  Debbie and Nigel
                  Built in around 1895 for members of the French and Belgian nobility, this château is one of the first buildings to use a steel frame for support, which was clad with granite. Once a hunting lodge, in the Second World War the French resistance turned it into a hideout.

                  Château La Briance

                    Helen and Matthew
                    The Chateau la Briance in the Limousin region of southwest France was built in 1740 and had two large turrets added 100 years later. Both have been converted into bedrooms. On the ground floor stands an impressive, wooden 6-metre ornate fireplace that’s at least 200 years old.

                    La Grande Maison - Outside the Chateau

                    Château La Grande Maison

                      Ben and Billie
                      Situated in the Loire Valley, La Grande Maison is an historic house with part of it dating back to 1745. It’s even included in the area’s Cadastral plan for calculating land tax in the Napoleonic era.