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Château La Perriere

    Karen and Paul
    This spacious six-bedroom château overlooks the forest of Chinon in the heart of the Loire Valley, the garden of France. It includes separate stables and a coach house, backs onto amazing caves and comes with 10 acres of walled parkland.

    Domain Mareuil - Exterior 1

    Château Mareuil

      Belinda and Lee
      This ancient property dates back to the 15th century and was originally built as a castle to protect the local area from marauding bands of brigands. You can still see the original owner’s coat of arms engraved in the dungeon.

      Mas De Pradie - Exterior 2

      Château Mas du Pradie

        Château Mas de Pradie was built in the mid-1700s, with a large barn that served as a royal relay station for horses. It was also home to an old mill that operated when the lake flooded seasonally into the cave system below.

        Chateau Le Fleur - Exterior 2

        Le Fleur

          Anna and Philipp
          This 8th century château is situated on the edge of Honfleur, in the Calvados region of France. It was originally on a site of a fortified medieval building that had been burnt down. The main body was an 18th century hunting lodge, then a wing was added a century later.