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Domain De La Salle - Exterior 1

Domaine de La Salle

    Mariam and Jono
    The Château Domaine de la Salle was built in the 17th century by 1826 by ‘Jean Baptiste Joachim Clemot’, a celebrated surgeon in Napoleons navy. Buildings in the courtyards go back to the 17th century, and La Salle was inhabited since before the 12th century.

    Chateau Le Fleur - Exterior 2

    Le Fleur

      Anna and Philipp
      This 8th century château is situated on the edge of Honfleur, in the Calvados region of France. It was originally on a site of a fortified medieval building that had been burnt down. The main body was an 18th century hunting lodge, then a wing was added a century later.